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The Silent Mind Wants You to Invest Your Time Wisely in Wellness and Self-Development

No matter how much importance we may place on money, time is truly the most valuable human commodity in our society.  For many of us, learning how to invest our time wisely has become our top priority.  With work, family and other obligations, we often find ourselves so busy that there is little time for anything else.  And it’s the stress of such hectic schedules that have caused the dissatisfaction we oft ...

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The Silent Mind Is Home to Some of the Best Martial Arts Instructors in the World

When people decide that they want to begin taking martial art classes in Kung Fu, Jujutsu, Aikido or T’ai Chi, they generally look online to find nearby studios that specialize in martial arts programs. Though this seems to be the most logical course of action, they risk enrolling in a school where classes are taught by junior level black belts with just a few years of training.  While their enthusiasm may ...

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An Interview with Antonino Certa Shihan

Antonino Certa Shihan, President and Chief Instructor of European Daito-Ryu Daitokai — Milan, Italy. Interview was conducted  by Michail Kusnetzov. Russian version was originally published by Michail Kuznetzov on the web-site of Satorikan dojo, April, 2013. Permission for publishing of English version granted by Antonino Certa Shihan (English translation by Vladimir Soroka, Ohio branch of  the European Dait ...

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The Silent Mind Welcomes Spiritual Seekers

Sometimes, we all feel as though every day is a struggle.  We feel like life is pushing us around, leaving us with little to no control.  We’re generally unhappy or at least dissatisfied with each of our current life situations.  We feel something big, something major, is missing from our lives.  And most of all, we can feel a calling inside ourselves that demands a change.  It’s not unusual to have such th ...

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We believe practicing daily meditation is essential to your health and well being.  Everyone should learn to meditate to help relieve life's stresses. ...

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Goshin Jujutsu

Our Goshin Jujutsu is the class you want if you want real-world self-defense.  This class teaches tactics and practical self-defense techniques useful in any confrontational situation. ...

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The Silent Mind Discusses Mental Training and the “Bigger” Mind – Part 2

In part 1, The Silent Mind’s owner Tim Loomis shared his thoughts on the nature of the mind in this day and age. The mind he spoke of was the thinking mind that is rather limited in its perceptive abilities. This is the mind that constantly worries about everyday life and creates problems to solve. This is the mind that can completely take over one’s life if mental training isn’t put in place. This month, t ...

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The Silent Mind Discusses the Nature of the Human Mind and the Idea of Mind Development – Part 1

René Descartes, widely regarded as the father of modern philosophy, is responsible for the now famous phrase, “I think, therefore I am.” While this statement was made over 370 years ago, it has become an extremely important idea, helping to shape the logical thinking process of nearly the entire globe. However, despite Descartes’ invaluable contribution to philosophy as we know it, there is now a commonly h ...

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