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Aikido / Aiki Jujutsu

Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu rarely use strikes.  Instead an opponent's momentum is used to control and subdue.  Classes focus on exercise and superior, street-ready self-defense. ...

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Kids Martial Arts

Our kids martial art program is second to none.  We don't participate in competitions.  We teach kids useful life skills and real self-defense tactics and techniques. ...

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T’ai Chi Ch’uan

T'ai Chi Ch'uan combines movement with breathing to produce a strong, flexible, and well balanced body.  It's practice has a calming and relaxing effect on the mind and body. ...

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Kung Fu

Our kung fu program combines skills, drills, traditional forms, and self-defense into an outstanding workout in this blend of soft and hard style kung fu. ...

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The Silent Mind Offers Health and Spiritual Enlightenment in Twinsburg, Ohio

Are you looking for a way to incorporate health and fitness regimens that are naturally good for the whole body? If so, then The Silent Mind in Twinsburg, Ohio is a place that you need to visit. The facility is conveniently located near the Hudson, Ohio and Solon, Ohio areas and offers a variety of health-related activities for your enjoyment. The goal of The Silent Mind is to assist you in your self-develo ...

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The benefits of low-impact exercise: Minding your body vs. Mind over body

The concept of good exercise has come to be defined as: pushing one’s self to and often past the limit, clashing metal, hard breathing, sweat-soaked clothing, aching muscles, vomiting, bright-read faces, dizziness, fatigue.  Being out-of-shape will make exercise challenging, but ongoing exercise shouldn’t place your future health at risk.  Health is defined as the absent of sickness, proper functioning of t ...

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About Enlightened Fitness and our Philosophy

Welcome to The Silent Mind.  We believe in the practices of Enlightened Fitness which are health and fitness regimens that are inherently good for the whole being.  The essence of our classes, seminars, and treatments are never injurious to the body, promote a calm and peaceful mind, and enliven the spirit. ...

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