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Remembering China 2008

Your Best Defense students only the 3rd group to ever train directly
with the Shaolin monks
at the Shaolin Temple training center.

In June 2008 a group of Your Best Defense students and their families traveled to China to train at the Shaolin Temple.  Over a two day period we were trained on the temple grounds in one their practice halls.  It was a great honor to be only the third group from the outside to be accepted to train directly with the monks at the temple complex. This marked our first trip to the Shaolin Temple and China.


The group also traveled to Beijing and had the opportunity to play T’ai Chi Ch’uan with a group at the Temple of Heaven Park complex.  This is the park you see so many Chinese practicing T’ai Chi and Qigong.  We also visited Shanghai during our 8 day training vacation.


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