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Adult Meditation

LR-Meditation on MatHave you been trying to meditate on your own, or by following a DVD or tape, and don’t feel like you’re getting it?  That’s not unusual; most new meditators have this problem.

You need an instructor to show you the
do’s and don’ts of proper meditation.

During the class you will explore practices of relaxation, breath, light, and sound as  you learn to bring the foundations of meditation into your daily life for the purpose of experiencing a more balanced, harmonious, and creative life.

A testimonial from a recent participant: “What a great class in this crazy world and what a great world it would be if everyone could center themselves and live a calm life.”

Beginner Classes Run Quarterly on Monday Evening for 4 Weeks

Planned 2017 New Class Schedule:  January 9th, April 3rd, July 3rd, October 2nd

New classes usually begin the first Monday of month.  The class time is from 7:15-8:45 p.m.  Check with the studio to register and confirm your starting date.  Call (330) 425-7204 to register.  Meditation has a greater affect when practiced in a group setting.  The class will roughly follow this format.

  • Learn and practice various methods of meditation
  • Share some knowledge and personal experiences
  • Quietly meditate with the on-going group joining in (20-25 minutes)
  • Expand consciousness during the Deeksha entrainment

4-Week Class $60

Instructor: Tim Loomis

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