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AboutFace (Kids 8-13)

LR-Joe & LaurenBeginning Program
(White – Green Belt)

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Kids are faced with all kinds of confrontational situations with friends, siblings, at school, and at play.  A child’s first impulse is to strike back either verbally or physically in response to a challenge of their will, their ego, or their person.  This class teaches kids how to overcome these situations with confidence and proven non-fighting conflict resolution tactics.  The kids learn that martial artists use their heads before they use their hands and feet.  Though a last resort, the kids are taught how to physically defend themselves using non-damaging martial self-defense maneuvers.

Kids prepare and take rank belt tests marking their progress through the program.  They additionally are assigned Life Skill homeworks  (see example) teaching them the kind of positive values parents strive to instill in their children.

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“My children started martial arts at The Silent Mind and I enrolled in the adult class.  This experience has given us a marvelous opportunity to develop a new common language and skills.  We really enjoy the common experiences and the hours spent together.”    – Chris (parent)

Tim Loomis

Class Hours:

Day A.M. Classes P.M. Classes
Monday 5:00-6:00pm
Wednesday 5:00-6:00pm
Saturday 2:15-3:15pm

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