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Martial Art Masters

LR-Dragon PhoenixOur goal is to make you a Master

If you’re a Black Belt in any system of martial art (present or past), you may qualify to join us.  This is an advanced class of martial arts.  The training requires dedication. The training isn’t for everyone.  Your body will be trained to its maximum physical capability.  Your mind will learn to be quiet in action.

Our program blends traditional eastern training methods with practical western thinking.  Our 80+ years of combined experience enables us to tailor training specifically for you.  The results are a deep knowledge and understanding of the internal (soft) and external (hard) art of Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.  The principles learned in this class can be applied to your system of martial arts.

This is not theatrical or sport martial arts.  This program focuses on the fighting skills of Shaolin Kung Fu.  Your training will include traditional Southern Shaolin forms, sparring drills and qigong.

  • Forms develop coordination, speed, timing, power, mindlessness, and 360 degree awareness.
  • Sparring Drills hone fighting skills learned in forms.
  • Sparring Drills develop sensitivity to yours and an opponent’s movement and qi.
  • Qigong (Ch’i Kung) develops your qi (ch’i) for health and self-defense.

In addition to regular class instruction, 100 Day Programs, Special Programs, and Master Programs will be made available to dedicated students.  These outstanding supplemental programs increase your skills and abilities exponentially.

Prerequisites apply to this class.  Students must be in Yi Ran Dao training at The Silent Mind or have equivalent martial art experience, and will be interviewed by Sifu prior to being accepted.  Class is instructed by Dr. Vincent GentiluomoRead about the origin of the system.


Saturdays:  11:00 am – 12:00 pm

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