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Origin of the System

Grand Master and Founder Vince Gentiluomo (full bio)  (aka Dr. G.) developed Chi Kung Fu Tao based upon his extensive knowledge of Martial Arts and the internal aspect of Chi (internal energy) commonly referred to as Chi Kung or in India as Prana (Yogic energy).

Grand Master Vince’s martial arts career began as a young adult of 20 in March of 1968. He earned a total of 9 black belts in 4 different systems of martial arts including;  1st degree black belt in: Okinawan Shorin-ryu karate April 1st 1972;  Okinawan Bo-Jutsu (weapons system), 1974; 1st degree black belt in Minna Jiu-Jitsu, Sept. 10th 1971; 2nd degree black belt in Minna Jiu-Jitsu, Oct. 18th 1974; and 5th degree Black Sash (Kung Fu Master) in The World Hung Loy Kung Fu Association from Grand Master John Custer, March 1st 1991.

By combining this knowledge with his extensive background in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu (an umbrella system) and as a clinical Chiropractic Acupuncturist as well as a worldwide Chi Kung and Spiritual teacher since 1993, especially in the USA and India, the extensive system of Chi Kung Fu Tao was born.

The ultimate purpose of Chi Kung Fu Tao is to cultivate wholeness, fullness, and completeness in all aspects of life.  Mastering not only the martial aspects of this system but the overwhelming aspects of life itself.  A true master certainly has specialties as well as an unconditional functional peace which is never overwhelmed even in the light of adversity.  Subsequently each master from Chi Kung Fu Tao, who is qualified to teach, will be the Grand Master of their own style of Chi Kung Fu Tao, with its own name.

Grand Master Vince (Dr. G.) teaches several courses at The Silent Mind including Chi Kung and Spiritual based programs especially a Masters American stylized program of Shaolin Kung Fu (Chi Kung Fu Tao) on a regular basis.  This program is opened to black belts of any system or comparable martial art efficiency including black sashes of other kung fu systems.  After an extensive evaluation and approved by Master Tim Loomis an interview with Grand Master Vince is required before acceptance into the masters program.

Due to the total commitment required in this masters course some students may instead pursue only certain aspects of Chi Kung Fu Tao such as the Chi Kung (EnerQiArts) portion which is open to the public and contains no martial art influence unless the class is designated for it (EnerQiKung).  These courses are essential in eliminating blocks/obstacles/knots in ones Energy Field/Acupuncture Gates.  There are a number of levels of achievement in this program, each being a dynamic, effective step in the combined ancient ways of Chinese energy work (Chi Kung) and Indian energy (Pranic) work.  Often times business executives find they benefit from these programs which are referred to as “Beyond Stress Management™”.  These courses are also available in a purely spiritual context at www.GentleAwakening.com

Political turmoil prevented Dr. G. from testing for black sash in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu.  When the situation was totally revealed his instructor gave him the unofficial distinction of Internal Su-Fut  (holder of internal knowledge to the master, a very rare distinction especially of the internal systems).  However before his instructor made it official, Dr. G. felt that it would be best to leave the system for the sake of his instructor and himself.

Master John Custer from Hung Loy Kung Fu took exception to this and awarded Dr. G. 5th degree Black Sash (Kung Fu Master) in The World Hung Loy Kung Fu Association.  Master Custer only awarded a handful of students black sashes in 40+ years. Much to Dr. G.’s surprise, Master Custer insisted that Dr. G. continue teaching.  Therefore rank would be of utmost importance in the martial arts world. After close scrutiny for over 1 year, Master Custer decided that 5th degree Black Sash was the appropriate rank for Dr. G. making him a master in Kung Fu.

Master Tim Loomis, Grand Master Vince’s oldest student since 1984, holds 7 black belts in Jujutsu and has taught and worked out consistently since beginning martial arts in 1967 at the age of 9.  He is the owner of the martial art studio The Silent Mind since 2006 in Twinsburg, Ohio.  The name of his system of kung fu is Yi Ran Dao which translates to “Flowing With Nature” or “The Natural Way”.  Yi Ran Dao is Master Tim’s version of Chi Kung Fu Tao.

Master Tim Loomis states:

I’ve been a martial artist nearly all my life and I’ve been working with energy in T’ai Chi for over 25 years.  In the EnerQiKung and EnerQiArts, course I gained new knowledge into how Chi (Qi) circulates through the body, and how I can interact with my energy and others energy, and how to use this information for self-healing.  In the class we really worked with our energy on ourselves and with classmates.  This wasn’t book learning; we actually felt and moved energy.

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