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Danielle Nader

Sensei-Danielle-BustYour Best Defense Martial Art Center
1st Degree Black Belt

Contact:  Info@TheSilentMind.com


I started my martial arts career at the age of 12 in the Twinsburg Dodge After School Martial Art Program.  After Sensei Tim’s Dodge program I started attending kids classes at The Silent Mind.  Since that first day at Dodge my martial art training has been a very important part of my life.  I became a junior division Black Belt at the age of 15.  I’m now in college pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Biographical Information:

  • May 2006:  I started in the Dodge After School Program.
  • February 2009:  I received my Junior Division Sho Dan Black Belt.
  • August 2009:  I completed Senpai training and became a Junior Instructor.
  • September 2010:  Tested and passed senior division Sho Dan Black Belt in Goshin Jujutsu and also became an Assistant Instructor.
  • April 2014:  I became a full Sensei in Goshin Jujutsu for Your Best Defense Martial Art Center and The Silent Mind.
  • August 2012 to May 2014:  I attended the University of Akron.
  • August 2014:  I will attend the Ohio University.

I have participated in Guru Valencia’s Lameco Escrima seminar and the Certa Shihan Aiki Jujutsu seminar.

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