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Your Spiritual Development

The BuddhaThe impulse to develop spiritually is the calling in us to reach our highest and ultimate potential as human beings.   It may start with a mild curiosity about things in our lives we don’t or can’t understand.  It may begin with a realization that the nature of existence is greater than we’ve yet realized and we want to know more.  Or, it may be initiated by a yearning deep within you that you can’t explain.

We are now in an unprecedented time when all who seek it may receive it.  Spiritual development of this nature is not dependent on religion or doctrine; it is the seeking of truth of one’s real Self.  Spiritual development occurs most quickly when proper body and mind development work in concert producing a fast-track to spiritual liberation – Enlightenment!

The Silent Mind can help you on your journey.  Our instructors are well on their way in their own journeys.  Our classes are structured to help move you along in your journey.

Classes that Develop your Spirit

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