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Explaining How Martial Arts Lessons Differ from Their Portrayal in the Media

Crouching Tiger treetopsOver the last century, martial arts have grown more popular in Western culture. There are now more “karate” studios in the U.S. than ever before! With an increase in MMA competitions and movies featuring Asian-style martial arts, children are especially interested in taking classes so they can one day become as good as their heroes. However, real martial arts lessons, such as those taught at The Silent Mind in Northeast Ohio, are very different from how they’re shown in movies and on television.

Those who choose to learn Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Aikido, or Jujutsu at The Silent Mind quickly discover that there is much more to martial arts than fighting. In fact, this local school studio near Streetsboro, Ohio and Macedonia, Ohio takes an approach based on cooperation rather than one based on competition. Though the media often portrays martial arts as violent and miraculous, the reality is that learning martial arts at an establishment like The Silent Mind provides students with self-defense training and other valuable skills that be transfer to school, work, extracurricular activities, and more.

For years the media has portrayed martial arts in an unrealistic way. Chinese films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers show characters that are able to fly through the air and take on an entire group of foes without breaking a sweat. While these movies are entertaining, they contain a mythical element that just isn’t found in real life. On many TV shows, martial arts are often used to one-up another competitor or harm an enemy. These programs rarely demonstrate the true essence of martial arts and it’s core lessons of non-violence. In fact, if you ask Sensei Tim Loomis of The Silent Mind whether any media portrayal of martial arts ever came close to the real thing, he would tell you that the 1970s series Kung Fu featuring David Carradine is the only one that touched on the true life lessons martial arts instills in it’s students.

For children (and adults) who are interested in enrolling in martial arts lessons, it’s important to note that taking Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Aikido, or Jujutsu won’t grant you the ability to sprint through treetops or take down your adversaries with a single punch. Learning martial arts takes commitment and dedicated practice.  The rewards for your hard work are the skills necessary to protect yourself, and becoming more confident and self-assured.  Meditation and other “enlightened fitness” classes from this Northeast Ohio school can assist with eliminating the constant chatter in your mind, giving you the peace and tranquility you’ve been searching for. And as for youth martial arts, children and teenagers from throughout the Streetsboro and Macedonia areas have become more self-assured, responsible, and disciplined after enrolling in classes at The Silent Mind.

Though martial arts lessons may not be able to give you superhuman strength and speed, they will improve your body and mind, and enrich your spirit. Needless to say, it’s well worth a look at some of the “enlightened fitness” classes available from this Northeast Ohio school. To learn more about the Kung Fu, T’ai Chi, Aikido, Jujutsu, and self-defense training offered at The Silent Mind, visit their website at www.thesilentmind.com. If you have additional questions about what martial arts can offer you, feel free to give them a call at 330.425.7204, or take the short trip from your home to speak with an experienced instructor in person.

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