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The Silent Mind
Health-minded people are assuming more responsibility for their own health and embracing a more wholistic lifestyle including eating better, life enhancing fitness, and managing their stress levels.  They are seeking a new kind of health partnership where their workouts are an integral part of their chosen healthy lifestyle.  They are looking for practices that will calm their overactive minds and relieve the stress from their bodies. Welcome to The Silent Mind.

Wellspring Studio
Wellspring Studio offers relaxation and therapeutic massages and a variety of homeopathic services for men and women in a comforting and safe atmosphere. We provide formal and informal educational opportunities to the community concerning the body’s natural healing abilities and individual well-being.  Visit one of our friendly and professional practitioners and receive the personalized treatment and relaxing experience you deserve.  All services are by appointment, at your convenience.

NEO Acupuncture
NEO Acupuncture was founded to provide the NE Ohio community access to acupuncture services. Eric Snyder L.Ac. is a fully licensed (Ohio Medical Board and NCCAOM) acupuncturist, who has dedicated 18 years to the needs of his patients and the pursuit of his craft. Offering both traditional Japanese acupuncture and modern microcurrent electro acupuncture, Eric treats a wide range of issues efficiently and economically.

Your Best Defense Martial Art Center
Your Best Defense is an integral part of The Silent Mind teaching a curriculum of mind, body, and spirit oriented martial arts.  This makes us truly different from most other martial art schools.  We do not teach sport martial arts, nor do we participate in tournaments and competitions.  We believe this promotes an “I win, you lose” philosophy.  Instead, we focus of finding the “Win-Win” philosophy in every encounter.

Three Streams Self-Defense and Aikido
Three Streams Aikido is affiliated with Aiki Jujutsu Shihan Antonino Certa of Daito-Ryu.  Aikido is a relatively new Japanese Martial Art developed in the early part of the 20th century by “O-Sensei” Morihei Ueshiba.  The highest level of practice in Aikido, the attacker is touched softly and lead through techniques so subtle that even an experienced attacker cannot see what is happening; his own force is turned against him.

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