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Martial Arts Programs

Hello from out senior instructors.

LR-Bonsai Black Belt Kids in Uniform






Welcome to Your Best Defense Martial Art Center and Three Streams Aikido.  These two schools of martial arts are an integral part of The Silent Mind and its curriculum of holistic mind, body, spirit enlightened fitness classes and seminars.  Our martial art classes’ intent is uniquely different from most other martial art schools.  Read what students with Black Belts from other systems of martial arts say about our programs.

We believe martial art training is a means of self-development as much as it is a means of self-defense. This philosophy comes directly from the founder of The Silent Mind and Your Best Defense Martial Art Center Timothy R. LoomisHis background spans nearly 50 years of martial art and other mind/body training.  In fact, what sets us apart from most other martial arts studios is that our senior instructor staff of Black Belts have an average of 40+ years of experience in martial and spiritual disciplines.

Our children’s martial art programs are called AboutFace and Lil’ Dragons and are designed to assist parents in building rock-solid kids with the core values and positive self-esteem that enables them to excel in all areas of their lives.  Our programs do this better than any other after-school program because building these values and traits are inherent in martial arts training at our studio.

If you’re still not sure martial arts will help your child?  Click here to find out why every parent should want martial art training for their child.

Our adult programs of T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Yi Ran Dao kung fu, Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu, and Goshin Jujutsu teach effective methods of self-defense while they build strong, flexible, and relaxed bodies and minds.  Click here to read about one woman’s story of how she came to learn martial arts.

We do not teach sport martial arts, nor do we participate in tournaments and competitions.  We don’t believe in the “I win you lose” philosophy these activities promote.  We focus on finding the “Win-Win” solution in every situation.


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