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Choosing The Right Martial Art School

There are many points you should consider when deciding on the study of martial arts.  First, selecting a studio that’s closest to your home or work is often not the first best criterion on which to base a decision.  Equally, shopping for the cheapest class prices often results in a dissatisfied student.

Do your homework about the instructor(s), styles, membership options, years in business, etc.  Start on the phone.  Call the studio.  If they can’t or are hesitant to answer your questions, and it sounds like their sole interest is to get you to come to the studio (where all your questions will be answered) be wary.

Ask yourself why you are interested in beginning the study of martial arts.  Do you want to learn to defend yourself and your family?  Are you most interested in the physical fitness aspects of martial art training?  Are you fascinated by the rich history of the martial arts, or the mental discipline associated with it’s study?  Tailor your questions around your main interests and listen to the answers provided by the school representative.

Your next step is to decide which schools to visit and compare.  Make an appointment and find out who you’ll be meeting with and what is planned in the visit.  Please be prepared yourself.  Ask questions and take notes.  Bring all interested parties in your family so they can experience the school.  This makes for an easier, informed decision when the time comes.

If you’d like to make an appointment with our school just call us at (330) 425-7204
or use our On-Line Booking system to make your 1st free lesson appointment.

Be sure to talk to students and parents of the visited studio.  Plan your visit so this is possible.  Honestly, they are a valuable selling aid for reputable schools.  If the students and parents have nothing but good things to say about the school and its instructors that says a lot!  Check out some of our student’s testimonials.

Finally, let’s talk a little about membership contracts.  Membership contracts are very common in martial art schools.  They serve both the school and the student in clearly defining the commitment the school has made to the student, and the commitment the student has made to his/her training at the school.  Be careful about signing long-term contracts.  Many schools will try to sell you something like a multi-year Black Belt program.  We talk to so many people who are trapped in these long-term contracts who find they are unhappy with the school and now don’t have a way out.  Reputable schools will require a contract, but you will have options in the term length.

We ask you to first join us for 3 months.  Your first 3 months is a ‘get acquainted’ period for you and us.  Afterwards, we prefer a terminatable 12-month agreement, but we also offer shorter term, lesser service, and month-to-month options.


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