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Max Your Power/Get 1st Strike In Seminar – 2/24/17

One of the most key self-defense strategies is to get your first strike in on the opponent with sufficient power and precision that it disables the opponent in one blow.  This seminar will teach how to get the first strike in, and we’ll practice methods of generating powerful hand strikes that will disable an opponent in as little as one strike.

If you’re a practicing martial artist, one of the main goals is to always improve.  One area that most students find very difficult in generating powerful strikes with their hands.  In this seminar we’ll teach never before taught drills that will aid you as you practice your strikes.  Our self-defense goal is to be able to use only one strike to finish a fight.

This seminar is open to the PUBLIC and to our STUDENTS.   This is our first PIZZA and a MOVIE NIGHT of the year.  The price for all this us just $25.00 per student.  Please register here.  We really need headcount so we order enough pizza.


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