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New Phone Numbers!

NEW TOLL FREE:  (888) 463-6179
NEW LOCAL:  (330) 237-9594

We have been Windstream customers for almost 25 years.  Windstream is pretty much the ONLY local phone provider in our area.  They are a (relatively) small phone company that was created years ago when Ma Bell had to split due to anti-trust litigation.  I have no problem with Windstream’s services.  They have always been reliable and have great customer service and technicians.  The problem is, in my opinion, they are very expensive for business customers.  My monthly bill for two phone numbers is roughly $135.00

My biggest complaint is that they are not keeping up with technology.  Our new system is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) or Internet system. We now have an automated assistant to answer and forward calls to our instructors cell phones.  Windstream couldn’t do that.  We had to change our numbers because Windstream won’t release our  current phone numbers to the new provider.  You may say “That’s illegal, isn’t it.”  And, I thought you’d be right.  But, during the Ma Bell split, certain small local service providers were granted this immunity from having to allow their numbers from being ported.

So, here we are.  I would have stayed with Windstream if they stayed up with technology at a reasonable cost.  They do have VoIP solutions, but they costed more than I was already paying.  So, our new system is from a provider called Ooma.  Check them out if you’re not happy with your phone service.

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