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One Women’s Story

What would you do if you were attacked by a 200 pound man?

Let me tell you my story.  “My name is MJ Soldat and an instructor at The Silent Mind.  I’d like to tell you how I overcame my fears and gained a new confidence through the practice of Martial Arts.  It’s a sad statistic, but every nine seconds a woman is attacked in the U.S.  Usually, you can’t watch the evening news without hearing about one.  But I never thought I would face a threatening situation. Then it happened.

There had been a recent news report about a woman abducted from a shopping mall parking lot. It had happened in broad daylight. I didn’t think the story affected me until I went to return a movie video to a local store. It was dark in the parking lot and from my car I saw two men just standing near the store. I got out of my car, but my feet froze to the pavement. I couldn’t move, thinking that I might be facing a similar situation. Anxiety and fear started to grow inside me. I waited to see what the men might do. They didn’t move, but they watched me. Within a few minutes, fear took over and I got back into my car and drove home.

For months, I refused to go outside my home at night, it didn’t matter how well lighted the parking lots or how full of people. I made myself a prisoner in my own home for fear of what might happen. My world narrowed to just a few streets. Even when I did go out in broad daylight, I felt intense fear all the time.

It became clear that I couldn’t live like that. That’s when I found Martial Arts. I am now a second-degree black belt and instructor at Your Best Defense, and it has made a world of difference. I’m confident I can handle any situation I might encounter.”

Ladies, the statistics on attacks on women are appalling. Kidnapping, rape, muggings and physical abuse are just some of the dangers women continually face. While our law enforcement does what they can to protect you, as MJ realized, the only sure way of not becoming a statistic is to learn to protect your self.

My name is Tim Loomis, owner of The Silent Mind and Your Best Defense Martial Arts Center, and I’m here to tell you about a program I have that can not only teach you how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, it will give you confidence that you can handle such situations if needed.

Our teaching philosophy is very different from most Martial Arts schools. We teach martial arts primarily as a means to improve physical and mental abilities, not to fight to win in a competitive environment. Our program develops your body and mind to take peaceful action in threatening situations. We teach tactics and techniques to handle aggression. You will learn how to watch and listen for signs of possible trouble and then take appropriate action. If necessary, our highly effective self-defense techniques stop physically aggressive behavior quickly and efficiently.

Now, the best defense in any self-defense program is to learn to spot potentially dangerous situations before you walk into them. In my program, you will learn this skill while learning specific martial arts moves that will protect you if attacked.  Along with these benefits, you’ll discover that martial arts is a great physical fitness program for anyone, from the sports minded to those looking for better health, to those interested in the artistic aspect of the Martial Arts.

MJ continues:

“After taking only a few classes, my months of fear began to evaporate. I learned how simple awareness techniques can prevent an attack in the first place. I began to feel I could take care of myself. And I was taking these classes with other people who felt the same. Although I’m just 5 foot 2 inches, and less than 120 pounds, I no longer feel vulnerable when I’m alone anywhere. In fact, the benefits of my Martial Arts training have spilled over into many other areas of my life.”

Once you’ve experienced our self-defense training, you’ll feel confident in almost any situation. If a man challenges you at work, for example, you’ll find it’s much easier to hold your own. You’ll know you have the ability and confidence to overcome him, just by staying calm and focused. For many women, it’s a terrific feeling of power.

I began teaching martial arts based self-defense to women after a friend of mine contacted me regarding an incident that happened at his company.  A female employee at their Chicago facility was brutally attacked and killed in her home.  Employees at my friend’s company were shaken and asked if the company would sponsor self-defense training.  I was pleased to oblige and prepared the program I now offer to the public and at my Twinsburg, Ohio studio.

So how do you gain the self-confidence and empowerment to cope with life’s challenges? My program instills knowledge into your mind and body that will change your life. You will learn techniques and tactics like these:

* How to drop anyone of any size to there knees with one finger
* Two simple skills that empower you to remain calm when faced with danger
* One amazing technique that allows you to escape when grabbed from behind

Now, you may think that you’re not strong enough or have the speed to pull off these moves. I understand. With my program, however, any woman can do it. In fact, my self-defense and my whole martial art program stresses how to use an opponent’s movement and strength against them instead of meeting it head-on.

For example, as an attacker reaches out to grab a wrist or arm drop that arm down to your side.  The attacker’s body will naturally bend forward a little to accommodate a tighter grasp of your arm at its lower position.  This will expose the opponent’s throat.  We teach you how to strike the throat area to incapacitate the attacker allowing you time to get away.

Still not convinced?  Why not give our 4 Week Women’s Self-Defense Seminar a try?  You’ll learn very valuable and immediately useful self-defense tactics and techniques that can be practically applied the minute you leave our studio.

You won’t believe it, but your body learns an unmistakable language that tells a street predator: “DON’T MESS WITH ME.” This new confidence is felt the first time you walk to your car late at night calm and in control. You move with confidence and authority. You are effortlessly aware of your surroundings. You know you can handle virtually any situation. You are at ease. You have the peace of mind you deserve.

Believe me, just with knowledge presented in this 2 hour seminar you’ll never again experience the fear that robs you of your confidence, your power to act. You’ll find a renewed sense of your own well being and zest. In short, you’ll gain a much greater sense of Peace.

My Four Week Women’s Self-Defense Seminar is just $50

You have absolutely no risk. I’ll give you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with the seminar.  Call me at (330) 425-7204 to book yourself into one of our scheduled course dates.  Bring a friend and receive 50% discount your friend’s attendance.  I can’t wait to share this important and powerful knowledge and self-defense techniques with you.


Timothy R. Loomis
7th Degree Black Belt, Master Instructor
The Silent Mind / Your Best Defense Martial Arts Center

P.S. Do you a daughter, grand daughter, or niece attending college?  Attend together and give you and her peace of mind as she walks campus.

P.P.S. – Your Martial Arts training doesn’t limit you to scaring off potential attackers. You will find you lose the fear that has the loudest “bark”, the fear of failure. You’ll find yourself taking on more challenges, more adventures than you ever thought possible.

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