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Our Daito-Ryu Aikibudo Connection

The Silent Mind is fortunate to host Shihan Antonino Certa from Milan, Italy.  Our own Sensei Vladimir Soroka, owner of Three Streams Aikido, is a student of Shihan’s.  Certa Shihan typically visits us 1-2 times per year.  The visit to our humble dojo is his only U.S. appearance.

Certa Shihan is the President of the European Daito Ryu Aikibudo Daito Kai Association. His direct teachers were Tokimune Takeda Dai Sensei, Kato Shigemitsu Soshi and Arisawa Gunpachi Shihan.  Certa Shihan has been teaching in the Daito-ryu since 1990 and was one of the only two westerners to have ever received instruction from Tokimune Takeda Dai Sensei.  Certa Shihan practiced Aikido under Fujimoto Sensei (30 years), Karate under Hiroshi Shirai Sensei, Kendo under Jun Sensei.

Certa Shihan and Soroka Sensei

Excerpts from the Three Steams Aikibudo website:

In it’s earliest form Aiki Jujutsu can be traced back to around 1087, when large family of Jujutsu techniques was first classified and given first systematic and scientific approach by Yoshimitsu Minamoto, a famous samurai, descendent of Emperor Seiwa, who studied and analyzed body and skeletal mechanics and at later times was regarded as a father of Daito Ryu Aikijutsu and a major contributor to development of Aiki Jujutsu .

The Jujutsu techniques of different styles evolved with the needs of the times and were handed down the generations of different families.

Aikijutsu originally had been developed as a combat art, a way to effectively and efficiently neutralize violence, not cause it.  This is why, although there are forms used to demonstrate Aiki Jujutsu, there are no competitive matches. Within this type of jujutsu were additional levels of training, called Aiki no Jutsu and Aiki Jujutsu, that were reserved for the higher ranking samurai. There are multitude of the techniques that can be done from standing, sitting or lying positions.

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