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Our Shaolin Connection

LR-Shangwei in Temple LR-Shangwei on Beach LR-Monks Temple Gate

China Temple

The Shaolin temple is reputed to be the birthplace of martial arts.  Shaolin kung fu was developed and taught as a means of personal protection while traveling the dangerous roads throughout China.  The training also stresses knowing the Self, restraining the ego, and developing physical domain over ones body.  The primary concern was to make the monks physically strong enough to withstand both the isolated lifestyle and the deceptively demanding training that devotion to their order requires.

The Shaolin fighting monks are known throughout the world for their highly developed skills in martial arts.  They travel extensively giving private demonstrations of their prowess to heads of state as well as public exhibitions of their dexterity and physical ability, such as doing push ups on finger tips and breaking iron bars on their heads.

Wu Shangwei is a 34th generation Shaolin Monk and has been training in martial arts from an early age.  At 11, he was selected from thousands of hopefuls and entered the Shaolin (Sh-ow-lyn) temple to begin his training as a Shaolin “fighting monk”, an ancient order of monks that train in martial arts and mental discipline.  Shangwei is truly special being 1 of approximately 200 of these fighting monks in the world.  Shangwei has achieved the highest level of training possible for a fighting monk.

LR-Shangwei & TimThe Silent Mind has had the good fortune to establish an ongoing relationship with Wu Shangwei.  He visits our studio 2-3 times per year to train us.  During his visits we open our doors to the public for special events conducted by Shangwei.  The public is invited to train in T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Qigong with a Master Shaolin Monk, truly a once in lifetime experience.

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During Shangwei’s visits we also like to plan outside lectures and demonstrations.  Would you like to have Shangwei visit your school, church, library, group, etc.?  It’s possible with a little advanced planning. Please contact Tim Loomis at The Silent Mind (330) 425-7204.

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