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Private Sessions – Tim

Timothy R. Loomis, founder and owner of The Silent Mind, has recently opened a limited number of hours for private consultations with clients who are interested in expanding their understanding of Self and consciousness while seeking spiritual knowledge and growth.  Tim has devoted his whole adult life to this pursuit.

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Tim has realized a major shift in his own consciousness and wishes to share this knowledge and experience with others

Tim’s spiritual training and practice is vast spanning 30 years.  He began martial art training in 1968; he is a 7th degree Black Belt, and a T’ai Chi and Qigong master.  He has been practicing daily meditation and qigong since 1981.  He received ordination from the Inner Light Ministry in 2005 and is a licensed minster in the state of Ohio.  Tim is a certified Deeksha Giver from Oneness University in India.

Private session move clients toward Self-Realization and their own shifts in consciousness

These shifts bring great inner peace and bliss into one’s life no matter the outward circumstances.  One-Hour private consultations consist of in-studio work and the establishment of daily home practice for the client, and can include:

* Beginning thru Advance Meditation Techniques
* Deeksha Entrainments
* Chakra and other energy work
* Light Journey Sessions
* Breath work including Pranic and Qigong Techniques
* Movement including T’ai Chi and Qigong
* Stress Management Techniques
* Answering questions and sharing knowledge


Tim’s teachers speaking of his work:

“Tim has been a student of mine since 1981 in martial arts and spiritual work.  He has excelled in all aspec ts and has indeed mastered many.  His continued involvement with me as a teacher/student is extraordinary.” Dr. Vincent Gentiluomo (GentleAwakening.com)

“Tim Loomis is a man who realizes dreams!  As a seeker since childhood he has responded to his spiritual calling with steadfast focus and devoted service. The Silent Mind, a manifestation of a life long dream, is a valuable resource to us all as a sacred space in which to nurture body, mind and spirit. Tim’s heart is as big as the universe and as one of his spiritual guides for many years I know him as a true spiritual adult; a man of integrity, compassion and wisdom that has been earned and tested through the fires of experience.” Sarah Weiss, Spiritual Director, SpiritHeal Institute (SpiritHealOnline.com)

Here’s what some of Tim’s clients say about their sessions:

“Thanks to Tim for introducing me to meditation.  It’s sort of a stress free magical mystery four for me…  The daily meditation leaves me in a really nice, peaceful, and refreshed state of mind.” Gary Bauman

“This class was a great class to learn grounding and applying basic meditation techniques.  Tim is very calming and relaxing which helps me to clear my mind.  Tim is a wonderful teacher.” David & Zeeba Mercer

“I’ve been practicing T’ai Chi for several years [with Tim].  Then I started adding private meditation sessions with Tim and found after about 3 months, my blood pressure had dropped 20 points.  It continues to drop.” D.T. of Twinsburg

Call (330) 425-7204 to book your private appointment $85 per hour

Discounted rates for cash and weekly/monthly bookings
Ask about member discounts
Appointments are accepted Monday – Friday 11 a.m. through 3 p.m.

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