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Black BeltBlack Belts from other systems have chosen
The Silent Mind to continue their training

The Silent Mind has a history of attracting Black Belts from other systems of martial arts.  They come to our school to continue their already excellent training.  We consider these individuals to be “educated consumers” of martial arts and an excellent resource for those who are just starting out and looking for the right school to join.  Please read the testimonials of these Black Belts.

Student Testimonials:

Adult Aikido & Aikijujutsu
“When I found The Silent Mind / Three Streams Aikido, I had been searching for another school to expand my knowledge.  Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu was an art I had been very interested in because it was the main influence of my previous martial art.  Until I found this school, the only schools that taught this system I knew of were out of state.  I jumped at my first chance to visit.

I knew from the first moment I stepped onto the mat I would learn a lot here.  I was impressed with the skill demonstrated by the instructors, and the classes were realistic and well taught.  Many other schools seemed to have trouble blending reality with safety, and usually swung towards one extreme or the other.  Here, the instructors keep a sharp focus on safety while insuring that practice stays in check with the real world.

Also, the work environment is very friendly.  Everyone wants to see each other succeed, and students are always enthusiastic to help their fellow classmates with their technique.  Plus, some of the world’s most skilled martial artists travel to this school teaching seminars to our students and the public.  So there is no shortage of quality instruction.

Now that a year has passed there was no question of whether I wanted to continue my training here.  I have even more confidence in the school now than ever and I’m excited to be continuing my training under these phenomenal martial artists.  – Daniel Murphy

Adult T’ai Chi and Kung Fu
“I joined The Silent Mind in March 2011.  Since becoming a member I’ve noticed a center of balance within my physical and spiritual universe along with a sense of calmness coming into any situation at hand.  Sensei Loomis has showed me a path of direction to follow for which I am humbled, honored, and greatly appreciative.”  – David Shelton

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
“Jack has tried a lot of sports.  We would finish a season, but he never wanted to sign up again.  Ever since he saw the program at Dodge MS (our after-school martial art program) he has not only been excited about the class, but I have seen him look forward to every class!  He has gained self-confidence, strength, and lot of self esteem!  This program is not only good for the physical benefits but the social and emotional.  As a parent I would highly recommend this program.”  – Kelly Swanson

Adult Goshin Jujutsu
“Finding the right location for your self-defense and personal growth needs is no an easy task.  I spent several months trying out different programs and in the end only one program stood out from all the rest, The Silent Mind/Your Best Defense Martial Art Center.  I was immediately impressed with the structure of the classes from the beginning warm-ups to the ending words of wisdom.  From the first day of class you walk away with skills that will aid you in protecting yourself from attack.  Sensei Tim Loomis uses his years of experience to teach young and old alike the fundamental skills needed to protect themselves.  Sensei Loomis takes a caring and mentoring approach to teaching the children.  Watching them it is obvious that they enjoy the class.  In addition to the superior instruction you get at The Silent Mind you also have the opportunity to make new friends.  The students are fun to be with and like-minded in that they are there to learn in a stress-free atmosphere as well.  As I mentioned, I tried other programs, but I kept coming back to The Silent Mind.  If you are looking for a program that has all the right qualities in self-defense and personal growth instruction you need not look any further.”  – Jim Woolf, police officer

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
I wanted to take a moment to recognize Sensei Tim Loomis and The Silent Mind for the changes I have seen in my son who is 11 years old.  He was in dire need of self-confidence and discipline before he started to take classes.  I discussed these issues with Sensei Tim and he assured me that this would help.  I am here to say that in just 8 months of being a part of The Silent Mind I have seen dramatic improvements in both areas as well as his school work.  Thank you for making a big difference in my son’s life. – Gib Pallay

Lil’ Dragon Kids Martial Arts
Our son Bryce recently started the Lil’ Dragons program and is really enjoying it!  The instructors have made him feel welcome and comfortable, and each week I see his confidence growing.  The classes have just the right balance of discipline and fun. – Tom & Shelley Lewin

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
My child came into this class with some anger issues and lack of self-confidence.  After many months of class and wonderful patience through Sensei Tim, my son has learned self-control and feels good about everything he does.  I’ve watched him grow and mature and become part of a new family in which all the kids are growing and learning together. – Lisa Louthan

Lil’ Dragon Kids Martial Arts
Daniel is in his 3rd year with the Lil’ Dragons.  He has not only learned valuable skills from an anthletic standpoint, but from a life skills standpoint as well.  Manners, sharing, and being helpful around the house are all taught in Lil’ Dragons class.  Sensei Tim is an excellent instructor showing great patience. – Dennis Diamond

Adult T’ai Chi and Yi Ran Dao Kung Fu
I began learning T’ai Chi and Kung Fu about 4 years ago, already in my sixties.  I had been very athletic in my youth and wanted to recover my balance and general physical wellness.  The experience with Your Best Defense Martial Art Center has been fantastic, all that I could have wished for.  It is never too late! – Chris Eustis

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
My son really looks forward to class.  It is not something I have to force him to do.  Every new technique he learns is something for him to show to his friends.  This class has really helped him learn to focus his attention.  He is very proud of himself and it show in his behavior and how he carries himself.  He looks forward to the day when he can earn his Black Belt! – Robin Cannon

Adult T’ai Chi and Yi Ran Dao Kung Fu
…Without any expectations, I went to a few places to take a free class, and realized that I did not want to do 50 of each kind of kick for 30 minutes or memorize a million forms to progress.  The people were all yelling and showing me how strong they were, it just didn’t work.  I don’t remember what we did the first day I went to Your Best Defense Martial Art Center, but there was something spiritual about it.  The way Tim discussed combining T’ai Chi with Kung Fu seemed like more my style.  I had found a teacher who showed me inner strength on the first day, and I realized that that was what I wanted in my training and for myself… – excerp from Laura Hudak’s Black Belt Essay

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
My son Jack started with Your Best Defense Martial Arts Center through a local recreation center program.  He ahs sustained interest over the last two years.  He has really gotten a good level of fitness and maturity through his attendance.  He has also learned that working hard is important to attain goals and he really enjoys the way the program is structured. – Tom Seasholtz

AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
Our son has sequencing, motor control and dyslexia issues.  We have seen more progress after working in this class for 6 months than we have in over a year of occupational therapy.  Our son is starting to “get” left and right; which is wonderful to see. Plus, he’s starting to learn how to work hard instead of giving up. – J. G.

T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Meditation
This is the second testimonial I’ve written because things continue to get better in my health situation.  For several years I have been practicing T’ai Chi.  I then started adding meditation and found after about 3 months my blood pressure had dropped 20 points.  It continues to drop with my last reading being 120/68.  My cholesterol level and the breakdown have dropped and are well within normal limits. – D.T.

I have tried other fitness arenas (with limited success) and then I visited The Silent Mind which has been the perfect fit for my lifestyle.  The yoga class has experienced teachers and has brought me flexibility and peace of mind.  I truly enjoy my weekly yoga classes. – Lisa Evangelista

I’ve been looking for some way to calm down and relieve some of the stress in my life.  I found The Silent Mind in my community.  They call their classes enlightened fitness and now I see why.  My yoga class is taught by a highly experienced instructor who knows how to bring me to a state of peace.  I’m hooked on classes at The Silent Mind.
– Andrea Peach

Yoga and T’ai Chi
I’ve been physically active all my life and know the importance of staying fit.  Also, classes like yoga and tai chi teach focus of mind and harmony and balance in my life. – Billie Langnau

Adult Kung Fu and T’ai Chi, and Teen Martial Arts
I’ve tried all the fitness classes at my local community fitness center.  The physical workouts were OK, but I became aware that I was looking for more.  The Silent Mind’s classes introduced me to the missing element.  Their whole-person approach to exercise, engaging the body, mind, and spirit is every one of their programs was exactly  what I needed to be satisfied with my workouts.  The Silent Mind’s kid’s martial art program is about so much more than martial arts.  The teaching environment is fun, safe, and encompasses a host of lessons about how to be a better person.  I was pleasantly surprised how complete the program really is.  I will be keeping my son in the program right through to his Black Belt. – Debra Moore and Devin Mills

Adult Kung Fu and AboutFace Kids Martial Arts
My children started martial arts at The Silent Mind.  I joined them by enrolling in the adult class.  This experience has given us a marvelous opportunity to develop a new common language and skill set.  We really enjoy this common experience and the hours spent together. – Chris (father)

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