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Kathy Metropulos Testimonial

I always wondered what was in the store with such a cool name, that was located where the old photo shop and drug store used to be.   Attracted by the window display, my daughter and I stopped in one chilly November day, and got on an e-mail list.  Not long after, a free chakra workshop was offered, and I discovered that we were all marital artists.

I have a varied background, having studied Tae Kwon Do, Chinese Kenpo, Isshyn Ryu, and Tai Chi before coming to The Silent Mind.  I attained the rank of third degree black belt in Isshyn-Ryu, and had practiced Tai Chi for about ten years.  At the time I was happy with the hard style Isshyn-Ryu, but was having physical issues that were aggravated by the incessant kicking the style demanded.  I was having pain not only when I worked out, but also in my daily life.  I was also not very happy with the Tai Chi class offered.  I intuitively felt there should be more to it at the energetic level, but could never get good answers.  As I started to read more and looked at a few videos, I realized there was an entire aspect to the art missing in my instruction.  I was offered a couple of free classes at The Silent Mind, and found what I had been looking for – this school specializes in the energetic development of the art, while also offering an excellent grounding in the practical self defense aspects.

I entered the Tai Chi class, and was eventually offered the Kung Fu class, but held off for a while, as I was also teaching in my old dojo.  Slowly, I began to experiment with the Kung Fu, and was finding that the strength-building aspects were helping the physical condition.  One summer I made notes of how I felt after an Isshyn-Ryu workout, and after a Kung Fu workout, and found I had much better results with the Kung Fu.  I was wondering how much longer I would be able to stay in the martial arts, as it was becoming obvious that I couldn’t keep working out in the same manner that I had been for the last decade.  After that summer, I made the switch, and am now working out pain-free.

At my old school, I was very good at basics and forms, competing and winning medals in Karate at the national and international levels.   I was not so good at self-defense and sparring.  The Silent Mind has been able to further develop this aspect of the art for me, as their specialty is self-defense.  They also introduced additional fighting concepts beyond competition fighting which is a better fit for me.  In addition, this school has taken me from a very rigid way of moving and performing martial arts, and provided excellent instruction in the internal aspects so that I am no longer as limited in my choices of movement and how I handle self-defense situations.

Not only does this school have an excellent martial arts program, it also has tremendous resources not found in other dojos.  The Master Kung Fu Instructor has a medical background that specialized in acupuncture, meditation and energetic development, which has greatly enhanced all aspects of my Martial Arts training.  Because of my physical issues, I was directed to an excellent Chiropractor and to Pilates, which retrains how to use the muscles for maximum efficiency and support of the skeletal structure.  I now teach Pilates at The Silent Mind.

I stay because this school is furthering my development in the Martial Arts in a manner that is benefiting my health and filling in some of the “holes” in my previous training.  It is also providing an arena for personal development in that I have been able to develop my meditation practice, teach Pilates, and offer other spiritually based programs.  It all began because I wondered what The Silent Mind had to offer that chilly November day before Thanksgiving.  Tim and the instructors at this school have supported me in a way that I would never have dreamed possible just four years ago.  Thank you.

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