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The Mark of a Good Martial Art Teacher

Let’s take it one step further – What is the mark of the best teacher for you in any kind of learning environment?  How do you know if a teacher is the right one for you?  Tim Loomis, Owner and Chief Instructor of The Silent Mind in Twinsburg Ohio says the answer might surprise you.  Surely most people would say first, the teacher has something they want to learn.  Second, whether they feel a connection (i.e. they like and feel comfortable) with the teacher?  And perhaps third, can the teacher convey their knowledge in a way that enables and empowers learning?

To be sure these points are important.  But there’s one more point that most people miss and, in many cases it causes them to decide not to engage with a teacher or school.  The best teachers constantly challenge their students to go beyond themselves.  The teachers that will move their students farthest and are able to convey the most knowledge are the ones who push the student to question everything about who and what they think they are.  As you might expect, this can be rather disconcerting and uncomfortable for the student.  If the student is dedicated enough they will ultimately realize that dis-comfort and challenge are absolutely necessary to create change and growth.  This is the type of environment you’ll find at The Silent Mind, a premier NE Ohio martial art school.

It’s interesting to note that it’s not necessary the student “likes” their instructor personally.  What’s most important is the student believes they can learn from the teacher.  And, for the learning relationship to really blossom the student must have unwavering trust in the teacher.  Finally, no matter what happens, the student knows that the teacher has their best interest in mind whether they’re getting yelled at or praised!

Jack & AnnaThe teacher-student bond is a specially rewarding relationship.  The professional teachers at The Silent Mind know this and cherish their teaching relationships.  The Silent Mind instructors are 100% committed to their student’s success.  Equally, the student shows their commitment to the teacher by faithfully attending their classes and being open to learning in whatever form it comes.  This winning formula has propelled The Silent Mind to be one of the top schools of martial arts in NE Ohio.

The Silent Mind can be reached by calling (330) 425-7204

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