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The Silent Mind Discusses Mental Training and the “Bigger” Mind – Part 2

Lotus ChakraIn part 1, The Silent Mind’s owner Tim Loomis shared his thoughts on the nature of the mind in this day and age. The mind he spoke of was the thinking mind that is rather limited in its perceptive abilities. This is the mind that constantly worries about everyday life and creates problems to solve. This is the mind that can completely take over one’s life if mental training isn’t put in place. This month, the Twinsburg, Ohio wellness coach will speak of the Bigger Mind.  While spiritual teachers of all cultures speak of this mind, each has their own term for it. In order to avoid confusion, the following discussion will focus on the Big Mind (capital “M”) while merely touching on the thinking mind (lowercase “m”). The Silent Mind knows how damaging it can be when one lets the latter take over, which is why this Northeast Ohio health studio informs readers about guided meditation, de-stress techniques and allowing the Mind to emerge.

According to Loomis and other spiritual teachers, the Mind is not bound by the limitations of the small mind.  It is not restrained by concept, logic, judgment, suffering, fear or thinking. It has no belief system. It is all knowing and ever present. In this context, the Mind is often associated with Divine Mind. In most humans, the link between Big Mind and small mind is the unconscious mind.  The ultimate goal of mental training is to clear a path to enable the Mind to be more “conscious” in the human experience, a process referred to as Awakening and Enlightenment.

Students of The Silent Mind often comment that they believe the Mind, a Mind without thinking, concept or judgment, seems out of their reach. But in reality, the Mind resides within each of us and always has.  Everyone has experienced it in their lives, but not everyone realizes it. The Mind is that voice inside of our heads telling us the right thing to do. It is our hearts speaking, a moment of inspiration or an epiphany. It is a parent knowing that something has happened to one of their children. Often, the expression of Mind is conveyed as just knowing something is so—a far cry away from the rational thinking mind we so often use.

The Mind blossoms when the tangles born and perpetuated by the thinking mind begin to unravel and dissolve. The tangles are imprints upon the nervous system caused by stress. Our nervous system has been imprinted with stress over years. This process often starts with birth, our first stressful experience. Stress can be found in a seemingly meaningless event such as music being played too loudly, to the most devastating of events such as physical, mental or emotional abuse. We store each event, no matter how trivial, in our central nervous system. Without helpful de-stress techniques such as guided meditation, we allow these events to rule our minds and bodies, decreasing our wellness and quality of life.

The great teachings of yoga, meditation, T’ai Chi and Qigong enable the student to relieve stress and remove it from the nervous system. While these de-stress techniques are tremendously useful in cleaning up the nervous system, our perception of our life situation continues to put stress on the nervous system.

Tim Loomis’ own guru, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, says that “The human nervous system is so designed that it can exhibit the totality of consciousness. Living in a finite body and expressing the infinite is the possibility of human life.”

The Silent Mind’s wellness coach, Tim Loomis, states that in order to permanently clear the nervous system and reach Awakened or Enlightened states of consciousness, we must learn to fully and completely let go of all our concepts, beliefs, judgments and fears. As this becomes your experience, the thinking mind quiets down.  There are fewer and fewer thoughts until the thinking mind is tamed and put back into its place. The thinking mind then becomes a tool to be used when it’s needed and to be put down when it’s not.

The training and technique of finally and completely letting go of all concept and judgment is available at The Silent Mind. The spiritual curriculum at this Northeast Ohio holistic health school is designed to put you on the fast track to Awakening and eventually Enlightenment. As you might expect, this work takes commitment and dedication, but your final peace of mind is worth it.

There is a reason why this Northeast Ohio health studio and so many spiritual teachers place such great emphasis on the Mind. With the right mental training, you can reach a state of being that surpasses anything you’ve ever experienced. If you’re searching for a better way of thinking, a better way of living, then The Silent Mind is just the place to go for help. To learn more about their de-stress techniques such as guided meditation, yoga, T’ai Chi and Qigong, visit www.thesilentmind.com. You can also contact The Silent Mind at 330.425.7204 to speak with their wellness coach, Tim Loomis, and discover how embracing the Mind can have a drastic impact on your life.

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