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The Silent Mind Offers Tai Chi Classes for those Looking for Low Impact Exercise

The Silent Mind Offers Tai Chi Classes for those Looking for Low Impact Exercise

If you’ve ever seen Tai Chi Chuan on TV or in real life, you know that this unique Chinese exercise and martial art form is quite a sight to behold.  In Tai Chi, the body moves effortlessly while performing a sequence of movements, working in conjunction with the breath, using qigong breathing techniques, students report feeling more relaxed and calm after practice.  This low impact exercise is as calming to do as it is to watch. In order to reap the benefits of Tai Chi, you must find a teacher who has the in-depth knowledge and ability to teach.  Fortunately for NE Ohio residents, Tim Loomis of The Silent Mind offers Tai Chi classes to help students practice proper breathing techniques, improve balance and flexibility, relax the mind, and even learn how to use this form as self-defense.  Why not see how the soft style martial art taught at this Twinsburg, Ohio studio can assist you in becoming stronger, healthier, and more centered?

Before delving into a program, it’s important to learn a little bit about Tai Chi Chuan. This Chinese martial art is a tradition in Chinese culture going back hundreds of years.  However, the low impact exercise we are familiar with today is slightly different from the self-defense system it started out as.  Nowadays, most recreation centers and many martial art schools don’t teach Tai Chi as a form of self-defense, just as a form of fitness similar to yoga.  But while yoga deals with sitting in various postures, Tai Chi is more dance-like. Many new students get involved with Tai Chi classes as a way to work their bodies and calm their minds.  This type of health and fitness class focuses on slow, even movements with deep breathing—unlike speedy aerobic workouts that may push some people to their injury threshold.

The Silent Mind approaches Tai Chi as a soft style martial art, allowing students to experience both the moving meditation side and the self-defense side. The instructors at The Silent Mind emphasize qigong breathing when teaching their Tai Chi classes—encouraging students to take deep breaths that start from the belly and move up the body.  The instructors at The Silent Mind routinely travel to China to learn from other experienced Tai Chi practitioners, so when you enroll in Tai Chi class at The Silent Mind, you know you are learning from the best.

Regardless of how you approach this unique Chinese exercise and martial art, you will be able to take advantage of the numerous health benefits that go along with it.  Tai Chi helps to reduce stress, both in your body and mind.  Those who want to improve their balance and flexibility will also find this soft style martial art beneficial.  Studies have even found that Tai Chi can help reduce blood pressure as well—making it the ideal exercise for people who want to get in shape without having to endure physically demanding, high-impact exercise.

If you’re interested in a low impact exercise to improve your overall health and well being, soft style Chinese martial arts may be the perfect program for you. To find out more about the Tai Chi classes and qigong breathing taught at The Silent Mind, visit their website at www.thesilentmind.com.  There you can learn more about their approach to Tai Chi and how this outstanding program  can have a positive impact on your life.  To ask a question about any of The Silent Mind’s services, martial arts programs, or health and fitness classes, give them a call at 330.425.7204.  The Silent Mind is conveniently located near the Macedonia, Ohio; Hudson, Ohio; and Northfield, Ohio areas at 9076 Church St in Twinsburg, Ohio.

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