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About Enlightened Fitness and our Philosophy

Welcome to The Silent Mind.  We believe in the practices of Enlightened Fitness which are health and fitness regimens that are inherently good for the whole being.  The essense of our classes, seminars, and treatments are never injurious to the body, promote a calm and peaceful mind, and enliven the spirit.

We are uniquely positioned to assist you return to perfect health.  Our professional therapists, practitioners, and instructors meet with you to determine how best to approach your return to perfect health.  We will outline a program of exercise and treatments designed specifically for you.

The Silent Mind was founded by Timothy R. Loomis to instruct and inform people that perfect health and spiritual enlightenment are possible for everyone.  This is your birthright as a human being.

The pain and suffering that exists in our world today
is self-inflicted; only we can change it.

It’s time to own up to this fact and take responsibility.  When we live in pain and suffering this is what we project into the world.  Our collective consciousness of suffering has been poisoning the world and our consciousness for eons.  This is the legacy our parents left us, and the legacy we will leave to our children unless we choose to change.

Are you ready for peace, contentment,
unconditional love, and true perfect health?

You have the choice to live in peace, love, contentment, and perfect health.  If you are reading this and feeling the power of these words in your heart the choice is before you.

Life Without Drugs

Medical science hasn’t kept its promise.  Taking a pill will not make us healthy.  Our parents and seniors are the most drug dependent generation in history.  It’s common for senior adults to take 6 or more prescription drugs a day to maintain their “health” costing conservatively $375 or more per month.

It goes without saying that in crisis situations the administration of the proper medication can save your life.  But, over 350,000 of us die every year from unexpected drug interactions and prescription drug overdoses.

Peace of Mind

Most of us don’t remember what peace of mind feels like.  We may not have experienced true peace of mind since our early childhood.  Our minds are so busy, constantly chattering, telling us we’re not good enough, we don’t have enough, work harder, work faster.  We are consumed by our thoughts and ovewhelmed by our emotions.  Our minds are literally driving us crazy!

Our mind has taken us over.  we are not in control of it.  If you don’t agree, stop your mind right now!  Don’t have a thought.  How long did you go without a thought?  Our out of control mind is the cause of our lack of peace of mind and is the major contributor to our mental stress.

Managing Stress

Stress is a part of living; it’s our poor handling of stress that too often affects our health, our relationships, our sleep, and even our job performance.  Medical science is finding a direct link between our personal stress level and our physical and mental health.  These facts are not new at all.  The ancient traditional medical systems of India (Ayurveda) and China (TCM) are founded upon this principle – that the whole person must be treated to produce true and perfect health.

Stress is collecting in your body and your mind.  You feel it in your tense muscles and your overactive mind.  Left unchecked, accumulated stress has a negative effect on your body and mind leading to breakdown.  When the mind “breaks” we call it a mental breakdown.  When the body “breaks” we experience sickness and disease.

The Silent Mind will help you.  Our instructors live what they teach.  Our classes and seminars give you the knowledge and practice to live a life of peace and bliss.  When you choose to use us fully your life will start to be transformed.  We are here to serve you.  But realize you are the real change agent.  Only you can change you.  We are your partner in the process of transformation.  Do you have the courage and commitment to change?

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